Seance It Ain’t So – Spoilers, Coverage News, Seance Fiasco!

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#1 – Evan job announcement

#2 – New OGW Spoilers – RG Legend, Mystic Gate Expedition spoiler + diamond mana symbol.

#3 – New BW Legend:

** Gather the Townsfolk 

#4 – Gerard Fabiano banned, removed from SCG PC eligibility, Twitter drama:

Sperling defends:

#5 – Magic Coverage Changes:

#6 – GP Promo – Stoneforge Mystic for ½ of 2016 — unban in Modern?

#7 – MTGO Streamer Showdown (feat Evan):

** Going Infinite

Seance shenanigans

** The Finisher

This week, Magic writers Caleb Durward and Matt Sperling wrote a pair of editorials expressing their opinions on the “Ban Top / Don’t Ban Top” controversy in Legacy. And the discussion shot to the top of Reddit last week thanks to the WWF-style storyline pitting the two writers against each other. So what’s the next classic wrestling storyline that will happen in Magic next week?


Color Less – OGW Spoilers, Diamond Mana?!

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Possible Oath of the Gatewatch spoilers:

Jon Loucks Great Designer Search:

** The 0-2 Drop

Legendary Cube – The Durdle
Too much mana fixing?

** Gather the Townsfolk

** Going Infinite:

New Un-set? MaRo notes one is not in development and would need community support to happen.

Danny West on time control / wasted time in Magic

Splash Damage – Desert Bus –

** The Finisher:

A recent article called “10 Celebrities you (Probably) Didn’t know played MTG” was posted on, and some of the names that appear in the article are Firefly stars Nathan Fillon and Alan Tudyk, and comedian Seth Rogen. Given the opportunity, which celebrity would you like to see cast some spells?


Can’t Even – More BFZ, WotC Forums, Blind Prerelease!


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Slide 1:
Part the Waterveil
Brutal Expulsion
Greenwarden of Murasa

Slide 2:
Scatter to the Winds (Cancel + Awaken)
Woodland Wanderer
Void Winnower

Slide 3:
Fertile Thicket
Mortuary Mire
Shambling Vent

** Gather the Townsfolk
Wizards announces they’re shuttering their community forums. Moving everything to

** Desperate Ravings
Blind player at the prerelease

** Splash Damage
$40k “Grand Prix” for Hearthstone, 200 player cap; 24 players & 240k prize pool for the Team League; Why? Sponsors! What WotC isn’t doing.

** The Finisher

This week, Matt Sperling wrote an article entitled “Everything you wanted to know about Magic but were afraid to ask,” that has some excellent lessons gleaned from his two decades in the game. Such as “when a bad player wins a tournament, their deck is usually better than it looks,” and, “Trust everyone, but cut their cards.” So what’s another critical life lesson that you’ve learned from Magic that you’d like to share?

MagicMics_TitleCard_Template 1

Whisky Tango Foxtrot – More Battle for Zendikar Spoilers!


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Meandering Towershell

Slide #1
Ob Nixilis Reignited
Kiora, Master of the Depths
Smothering Abomination

Slide #2
Desolation Twin
Bring to Light
Roil Spout

Slide #3
Lumbering Falls

** Gather the Townsfolk
What to call the BFZ Duals…

** Splash Damage
Hearthstone World Championships is bad

** Pass The Salt
Full-Art lands with words & text box all over them.

** The Finisher

The Community Cup is later this month, and should the Community Team win it was announced that players who log in to MTGO during the event will get a foil full-art Battle for Zendikar basic land. But should the Wizards Team win, we will get… a foil Drown in Sorrow. Awwww. So for MTGOCC 2016, what should the player prizes be?


Origin Stories! Magic Origins Spoilers, Blessed Spirits & More!

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Magic Origins stories — Forgotten Realms telling the origin story of Jace and Co. for the first time.

We also discuss:
Relic Seeker
Honored Hierarch
Starfield of Nyx
Undead Servant

** Gather the Townsfolk
– Blessed Spirits
– Managorger Hydra
Shift in art styles?

** Pass the Salt

Is this bad for Magic?

** Splash Damage
Spellslingers Season 3 trailer on Geek and Sundry

** The Finisher

Last week, a Reddit thread featuring a realtor named Donna who created a custom Magic card as her business cards made the front page. What other professions should use Magic-themed business cards?

[for reference:]


Igniting Origins Spoilers! Magic Origins spoilers, Women in Magic & More!

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Women in Magic:

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Magic Origins spoilers

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“Grabbing the pitchforks”

** Splash Damage
E3 & it’s related announcements re: MTG

** The Finisher:

SCG’s latest adorable/absurd kitten-themed playmat is the newly released Magic Meowigins design. What’s the next tiny-kitty-and-medieval-fantasy themed playmat will come out with next?


Evergreen with Envy! New Mechanics, Artist Etiquette & More!


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New Keywords, Loss of Keywords, New Spoilers

Hixus, Prison Warden ended up as a 4/4 –

** The Red Zone
Suicide and Magic – JVL article

“Life Totals” by Danny West

** Pass The Salt
Magic artist etiquette

** Splash Damage
Pascal Maynard’s famous Goyf finally sold… for $14k+. And it’s on Yahoo’s front page.–magic-the-gathering–card-just-sold-for-nearly–15-000-174519106.html

MTG Thief caught in elaborate sting, profiled in the Washington Post:

Good news, bad news though, with this other thread:

** The Finisher
The Magic movie is coming. What other plots could there be for it?



Premier Episode! Modern Masters 2 problems, Magic Origins Spoilers & Much More!

First Pick – Modern Masters packaging and concerns.

The 0-2 Drop – The worst deck to have played last weekend.

Splash Damage – An influential store burns down and a popular Hearthstone streamer makes his way into top tier competitive Magic on a whim.

Going Infinite – Magic Origins spoiler – – What would make him constructed playable P/T wise, and why?

Blast From the Past:

From Erin – ‘The Dark Art of Dredge Fu.’

A comprehensive guide to Dredge. I have read and re-read it over the last few days and feel like I learn something new every time. I think the finer points of the article are still accurate and would recommend this to anyone interested in playing Dredge.

From Evan – Best of SCGLive: Gerry Thompson vs Andrew Tompkins:

Finisher: ‘Write An Advertisement For Your Current Deck.’