In Retrospect – OGW Spoilers & 2015 Year in Review!

Airdate: 12/30/15

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New Oath of the Gatewatch Spoilers!

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What we learned:

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Last week was Festivus, a secular holiday created in an episode of Seinfeld celebrated in the eve of the eve of Christmas, December 23.So happy Festivus for the rest of us! Among the traditions of this secular holiday include a Festivus dinner with friends and family, an unadorned aluminum pole, and the annual Airing of Grievances. So in honor of the holiday season, what grievance would you like to air?


Seance It Ain’t So – Spoilers, Coverage News, Seance Fiasco!

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#1 – Evan job announcement

#2 – New OGW Spoilers – RG Legend, Mystic Gate Expedition spoiler + diamond mana symbol.

#3 – New BW Legend:

** Gather the Townsfolk 

#4 – Gerard Fabiano banned, removed from SCG PC eligibility, Twitter drama:

Sperling defends:

#5 – Magic Coverage Changes:

#6 – GP Promo – Stoneforge Mystic for ½ of 2016 — unban in Modern?

#7 – MTGO Streamer Showdown (feat Evan):

** Going Infinite

Seance shenanigans

** The Finisher

This week, Magic writers Caleb Durward and Matt Sperling wrote a pair of editorials expressing their opinions on the “Ban Top / Don’t Ban Top” controversy in Legacy. And the discussion shot to the top of Reddit last week thanks to the WWF-style storyline pitting the two writers against each other. So what’s the next classic wrestling storyline that will happen in Magic next week?


Color Less – OGW Spoilers, Diamond Mana?!

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Possible Oath of the Gatewatch spoilers:

Jon Loucks Great Designer Search:

** The 0-2 Drop

Legendary Cube – The Durdle
Too much mana fixing?

** Gather the Townsfolk

** Going Infinite:

New Un-set? MaRo notes one is not in development and would need community support to happen.

Danny West on time control / wasted time in Magic

Splash Damage – Desert Bus –

** The Finisher:

A recent article called “10 Celebrities you (Probably) Didn’t know played MTG” was posted on, and some of the names that appear in the article are Firefly stars Nathan Fillon and Alan Tudyk, and comedian Seth Rogen. Given the opportunity, which celebrity would you like to see cast some spells?


Pack It In – OTW Fatpacks, Twitter Drama & More!

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** Desperate Ravings

and the ensuing discussion with rabble rouser Ari Lax
Joe Lossett calls out Jeff Hoogland re: Legacy

** Gather the Townsfolk
“Unfair, Unfun, and Punishing”

The Nerdist, ‘Now Is the Perfect Time To Be a Magic the Gathering Player’

** Going Infinite

** Splash Damage

(covered in extended Patreon episode)

** The Finisher

This weekend, three new players will enter the Magic The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Fame: Eric Froehlich, Shota Yasooka, and Willy Edel. When they finally make the Magic Media Hall of Fame, and you get in, what will your opening line in your Hall of Fame induction speech be?