Seance It Ain’t So – Spoilers, Coverage News, Seance Fiasco!

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#1 – Evan job announcement

#2 – New OGW Spoilers – RG Legend, Mystic Gate Expedition spoiler + diamond mana symbol.

#3 – New BW Legend:

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#4 – Gerard Fabiano banned, removed from SCG PC eligibility, Twitter drama:

Sperling defends:

#5 – Magic Coverage Changes:

#6 – GP Promo – Stoneforge Mystic for ½ of 2016 — unban in Modern?

#7 – MTGO Streamer Showdown (feat Evan):

** Going Infinite

Seance shenanigans

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This week, Magic writers Caleb Durward and Matt Sperling wrote a pair of editorials expressing their opinions on the “Ban Top / Don’t Ban Top” controversy in Legacy. And the discussion shot to the top of Reddit last week thanks to the WWF-style storyline pitting the two writers against each other. So what’s the next classic wrestling storyline that will happen in Magic next week?

MagicMics_TitleCard_Template 1

Whisky Tango Foxtrot – More Battle for Zendikar Spoilers!


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Meandering Towershell

Slide #1
Ob Nixilis Reignited
Kiora, Master of the Depths
Smothering Abomination

Slide #2
Desolation Twin
Bring to Light
Roil Spout

Slide #3
Lumbering Falls

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What to call the BFZ Duals…

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Hearthstone World Championships is bad

** Pass The Salt
Full-Art lands with words & text box all over them.

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The Community Cup is later this month, and should the Community Team win it was announced that players who log in to MTGO during the event will get a foil full-art Battle for Zendikar basic land. But should the Wizards Team win, we will get… a foil Drown in Sorrow. Awwww. So for MTGOCC 2016, what should the player prizes be?


Down with OCC – Magic Online Community Cup & More!


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FTV: Angels revealed:

LSV, Jackie Lee, and Ian Duke

GP SeaTac has Delver of Secrets products

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Hearthstone making estimated $20Million per month.

** Blast from the Past
This gem was recently uncovered and reshared on MTG Reddit, it’s MTG from ESPN2 in 1997. Boy this is painful to watch!

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Wizards of the Coast announced the 2015 Holiday Gift Box this week, and in it are 5 Battle for Zendikar booster packs, some non-full art basic lands, and much much more. So what, pray tell, is that much, much more?


Waste Not – MTGO Prize Changes & Much More!

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Magic Online prize changes:

** Desperate Ravings

** The Red Zone
Mark Nestico’s ‘Why PPTQs Are Bad for Magic,’

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Yu-Gi-Oh Defector

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The disaster that was Hearthstone’s International Women’s Invitational:

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In the most recent Uncharted Realms, “Catching Up,” planeswalkers Jace and Liliana catch up on their planeswalker things at the planeswalker pub. So which two characters from Magic do you want to see meet in the next episode?