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Pitt Fall – GP Pittsburgh, Counterfeit Cards & More!

** First Pick

– GP Pitt capped, other debacles for PES

The $150 GP idea?

GP Oakland capped, announced here:
But not here:

** Gather the Townsfolk

The new counterfeits
Counterfeit cards:

** Desperate Ravings

– Pauper league, pauper format

** Going Infinite

– No-Reserve List Legacy:

** Pass the Salt

– Card Conditions

** The Finisher

This Thursday in these United States of America, we celebrate the time in history that we Americans like to think we very nicely asked the Native Americans to have a delicious Butterball turkey and stuffing dinner with the Pilgrims. Nowadays, we use Thanksgiving to celebrate what we Americans are thankful for, so as a Magic player what are you most thankful for this year?

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Happy Little Lands – Bob Ross Magic & Much More!

** First Pick

Lands wins GP Seattle in the hands for Jarvis Yu

Wasteland Karl –

** Desperate Ravings
Bob Ross Magic twitter account – – No more TCG or SGC events can be tied to PPTQs or GPTs.

** Gather the Townsfolk
Creator of loses battle with cancer:

** The Red Zone
MTG Goldfish requested to stop publishing constructed matchup data

Saffron Olive explains

What WotC could do – block access:

@SwitchGlitchmon @Claw0001 @SaffronOlive @SohNata The source was bots “watching” replays.

** The Finisher

Over the weekend, Paulo Vitor Dance Dance Revolution made a tweet discussion the possibility of playing a Pithing Needle naming Abandon Hope in an unlosable game… for the trolls. Now Pithing Needle naming Abandon Hope in an unlosable situation might be enough of a needling to actually make your opponent concede, so given the opportunity, what card would you name in certain game situations?


Can’t Even – More BFZ, WotC Forums, Blind Prerelease!


** First Pick

Slide 1:
Part the Waterveil
Brutal Expulsion
Greenwarden of Murasa

Slide 2:
Scatter to the Winds (Cancel + Awaken)
Woodland Wanderer
Void Winnower

Slide 3:
Fertile Thicket
Mortuary Mire
Shambling Vent

** Gather the Townsfolk
Wizards announces they’re shuttering their community forums. Moving everything to

** Desperate Ravings
Blind player at the prerelease

** Splash Damage
$40k “Grand Prix” for Hearthstone, 200 player cap; 24 players & 240k prize pool for the Team League; Why? Sponsors! What WotC isn’t doing.

** The Finisher

This week, Matt Sperling wrote an article entitled “Everything you wanted to know about Magic but were afraid to ask,” that has some excellent lessons gleaned from his two decades in the game. Such as “when a bad player wins a tournament, their deck is usually better than it looks,” and, “Trust everyone, but cut their cards.” So what’s another critical life lesson that you’ve learned from Magic that you’d like to share?


Down with OCC – Magic Online Community Cup & More!


** First Pick

** Gather the Townsfolk
FTV: Angels revealed:

LSV, Jackie Lee, and Ian Duke

GP SeaTac has Delver of Secrets products

** Splash Damage

Hearthstone making estimated $20Million per month.

** Blast from the Past
This gem was recently uncovered and reshared on MTG Reddit, it’s MTG from ESPN2 in 1997. Boy this is painful to watch!

** The Finisher

Wizards of the Coast announced the 2015 Holiday Gift Box this week, and in it are 5 Battle for Zendikar booster packs, some non-full art basic lands, and much much more. So what, pray tell, is that much, much more?