Color Less – OGW Spoilers, Diamond Mana?!

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Possible Oath of the Gatewatch spoilers:

Jon Loucks Great Designer Search:

** The 0-2 Drop

Legendary Cube – The Durdle
Too much mana fixing?

** Gather the Townsfolk

** Going Infinite:

New Un-set? MaRo notes one is not in development and would need community support to happen.

Danny West on time control / wasted time in Magic

Splash Damage – Desert Bus –

** The Finisher:

A recent article called “10 Celebrities you (Probably) Didn’t know played MTG” was posted on, and some of the names that appear in the article are Firefly stars Nathan Fillon and Alan Tudyk, and comedian Seth Rogen. Given the opportunity, which celebrity would you like to see cast some spells?

Watch the latest episode!

GGs? – BFZ Underpowered, GG complaints and more!


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Patreon goal hit!

“This Always Happens” Theory

** Gather the Townsfolk
^more on GG.

** Going Infinite

** Splash Damage

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The Great Wizards Chili Cookoff: What kind of chili would we make?


Evergreen with Envy! New Mechanics, Artist Etiquette & More!


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New Keywords, Loss of Keywords, New Spoilers

Hixus, Prison Warden ended up as a 4/4 –

** The Red Zone
Suicide and Magic – JVL article

“Life Totals” by Danny West

** Pass The Salt
Magic artist etiquette

** Splash Damage
Pascal Maynard’s famous Goyf finally sold… for $14k+. And it’s on Yahoo’s front page.–magic-the-gathering–card-just-sold-for-nearly–15-000-174519106.html

MTG Thief caught in elaborate sting, profiled in the Washington Post:

Good news, bad news though, with this other thread:

** The Finisher
The Magic movie is coming. What other plots could there be for it?