Color Less – OGW Spoilers, Diamond Mana?!

** First Pick

Possible Oath of the Gatewatch spoilers:

Jon Loucks Great Designer Search:

** The 0-2 Drop

Legendary Cube – The Durdle
Too much mana fixing?

** Gather the Townsfolk

** Going Infinite:

New Un-set? MaRo notes one is not in development and would need community support to happen.

Danny West on time control / wasted time in Magic

Splash Damage – Desert Bus –

** The Finisher:

A recent article called “10 Celebrities you (Probably) Didn’t know played MTG” was posted on, and some of the names that appear in the article are Firefly stars Nathan Fillon and Alan Tudyk, and comedian Seth Rogen. Given the opportunity, which celebrity would you like to see cast some spells?


Ch-ch-changes – WotC Organized Play Changes & More!


** First Pick 
OP Changes announced at PT Origins:

** Gather the Townsfolk 
Legendary Cube?

** Going Infinite 
Mox Boarding House’s Modern Rematch of the Century:

** Decklists

** The Red Zone
MaRo announces BFZ will not contain fetchlands, but will contain full art lands, and a new rare cycle of lands:

** The Finisher
Pro Tour Vancouver took place over the last weekend, where the new so-called “Vancouver mulligan” was introduced. So what is the next gameplay change that Wizards will introduce to improve the player experience?