Seance It Ain’t So – Spoilers, Coverage News, Seance Fiasco!

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#1 – Evan job announcement

#2 – New OGW Spoilers – RG Legend, Mystic Gate Expedition spoiler + diamond mana symbol.

#3 – New BW Legend:

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#4 – Gerard Fabiano banned, removed from SCG PC eligibility, Twitter drama:

Sperling defends:

#5 – Magic Coverage Changes:

#6 – GP Promo – Stoneforge Mystic for ½ of 2016 — unban in Modern?

#7 – MTGO Streamer Showdown (feat Evan):

** Going Infinite

Seance shenanigans

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This week, Magic writers Caleb Durward and Matt Sperling wrote a pair of editorials expressing their opinions on the “Ban Top / Don’t Ban Top” controversy in Legacy. And the discussion shot to the top of Reddit last week thanks to the WWF-style storyline pitting the two writers against each other. So what’s the next classic wrestling storyline that will happen in Magic next week?


Down with OCC – Magic Online Community Cup & More!


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FTV: Angels revealed:

LSV, Jackie Lee, and Ian Duke

GP SeaTac has Delver of Secrets products

** Splash Damage

Hearthstone making estimated $20Million per month.

** Blast from the Past
This gem was recently uncovered and reshared on MTG Reddit, it’s MTG from ESPN2 in 1997. Boy this is painful to watch!

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Wizards of the Coast announced the 2015 Holiday Gift Box this week, and in it are 5 Battle for Zendikar booster packs, some non-full art basic lands, and much much more. So what, pray tell, is that much, much more?


Mull Again – New Magic the Gathering Rules & Much More!

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New Mulligan rules for the Pro Tour, new video coverage rules, and layout changes.

Should we ban cards for the sake of coverage?

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Discussing Magic Origins Spoilers:
Vryn Wingmare
Despoiler of Souls
Whirler Rogue
Molten Vortex
Priest of the Blood Rite
Disciple of the Ring

Official Judge’s blog, giving tips on how to manage your social media:

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Reid Duke was supposed to play Grishoalbrand in Singapore, but lost his deck on the flight there. He brought along Jund as backup… and made Top 4 with it. What other super powers does he possess?