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Happy Little Lands – Bob Ross Magic & Much More!

** First Pick

Lands wins GP Seattle in the hands for Jarvis Yu

Wasteland Karl –

** Desperate Ravings
Bob Ross Magic twitter account – – No more TCG or SGC events can be tied to PPTQs or GPTs.

** Gather the Townsfolk
Creator of loses battle with cancer:

** The Red Zone
MTG Goldfish requested to stop publishing constructed matchup data

Saffron Olive explains

What WotC could do – block access:

@SwitchGlitchmon @Claw0001 @SaffronOlive @SohNata The source was bots “watching” replays.

** The Finisher

Over the weekend, Paulo Vitor Dance Dance Revolution made a tweet discussion the possibility of playing a Pithing Needle naming Abandon Hope in an unlosable game… for the trolls. Now Pithing Needle naming Abandon Hope in an unlosable situation might be enough of a needling to actually make your opponent concede, so given the opportunity, what card would you name in certain game situations?

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