Aww Snap! – Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar & More!


** First Pick

Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar

Stagnant Metagame
Finkel (16th Top 8) and PVDDR (10th)
Break Formats – not doable
Human interest pieces (Brandon Burton & Autumn Burchett)

** Gather the Townsfolk

‘Playing Magic Together,’

** Going Infinite

Does Green ‘do everything’?

** Splash Damage

** The Red Zone

Reuben is History’s Greatest Monster (also new Snapcaster promo)

** The Finisher

One of the most popular Reddit threads from MagicTCG this week is from WhinyTortoise, who created an entire Star Wars Magic set with new abilities like Hate, Meditate and Space Flight. So what beloved movie series would you like to see get the Magic set treatment?

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