Pack It In – OTW Fatpacks, Twitter Drama & More!

** First Pick

** Desperate Ravings

and the ensuing discussion with rabble rouser Ari Lax
Joe Lossett calls out Jeff Hoogland re: Legacy

** Gather the Townsfolk
“Unfair, Unfun, and Punishing”

The Nerdist, ‘Now Is the Perfect Time To Be a Magic the Gathering Player’

** Going Infinite

** Splash Damage

(covered in extended Patreon episode)

** The Finisher

This weekend, three new players will enter the Magic The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Fame: Eric Froehlich, Shota Yasooka, and Willy Edel. When they finally make the Magic Media Hall of Fame, and you get in, what will your opening line in your Hall of Fame induction speech be?

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