Let It Go – Leaving SCG, PVDDR vs BFZ, Draft Kings & More!


** First Pick 

Evan and SCG parting ways.

“Do you want play with Abzan?”

** Gather the Townsfolk

** The Red Zone

PVDDR’s article bashing BFZ, kind of hidden from the world, then called out for it

** Splash Damage 

Draft Kings – Betting on eSports; Sponsoring Solo Mid

** The Finisher

The results are in: on Blogatog, Mark Rosewater’s personal Magic Tumblr page, the top 5 worlds that Magic players would like to see MTG return to were posted. And the top 5 are: Innistrad, Lorwyn, Dominaria, Kamigawa, and New Phyrexia. So other than those, which worlds would you like to see Magic return to?

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