Can’t Even – More BFZ, WotC Forums, Blind Prerelease!


** First Pick

Slide 1:
Part the Waterveil
Brutal Expulsion
Greenwarden of Murasa

Slide 2:
Scatter to the Winds (Cancel + Awaken)
Woodland Wanderer
Void Winnower

Slide 3:
Fertile Thicket
Mortuary Mire
Shambling Vent

** Gather the Townsfolk
Wizards announces they’re shuttering their community forums. Moving everything to

** Desperate Ravings
Blind player at the prerelease

** Splash Damage
$40k “Grand Prix” for Hearthstone, 200 player cap; 24 players & 240k prize pool for the Team League; Why? Sponsors! What WotC isn’t doing.

** The Finisher

This week, Matt Sperling wrote an article entitled “Everything you wanted to know about Magic but were afraid to ask,” that has some excellent lessons gleaned from his two decades in the game. Such as “when a bad player wins a tournament, their deck is usually better than it looks,” and, “Trust everyone, but cut their cards.” So what’s another critical life lesson that you’ve learned from Magic that you’d like to share?

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