Origin Stories! Magic Origins Spoilers, Blessed Spirits & More!

** First Pick
Magic Origins stories — Forgotten Realms telling the origin story of Jace and Co. for the first time.

We also discuss:
Relic Seeker
Honored Hierarch
Starfield of Nyx
Undead Servant

** Gather the Townsfolk
– Blessed Spirits
– Managorger Hydra
Shift in art styles?

** Pass the Salt

Is this bad for Magic?

** Splash Damage
Spellslingers Season 3 trailer on Geek and Sundry

** The Finisher

Last week, a Reddit thread featuring a realtor named Donna who created a custom Magic card as her business cards made the front page. What other professions should use Magic-themed business cards?

[for reference:]

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