Evergreen with Envy! New Mechanics, Artist Etiquette & More!


** First Pick
New Keywords, Loss of Keywords, New Spoilers

Hixus, Prison Warden ended up as a 4/4 –

** The Red Zone
Suicide and Magic – JVL article

“Life Totals” by Danny West

** Pass The Salt
Magic artist etiquette

** Splash Damage
Pascal Maynard’s famous Goyf finally sold… for $14k+. And it’s on Yahoo’s front page.–magic-the-gathering–card-just-sold-for-nearly–15-000-174519106.html

MTG Thief caught in elaborate sting, profiled in the Washington Post:

Good news, bad news though, with this other thread:

** The Finisher
The Magic movie is coming. What other plots could there be for it?


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