#GoyfGate and Friends! GP Vegas, Foil Goyf Controversy, the legend of PTR


** First Pick
Recap of GP Vegas from Reuben / Erin. The Foil Goyf.

** The Red Zone
Clearly Huey Jensen, Reid Duke, and Owen Turtenwald’s reactions to the controversy. Both their original posts and their reversals/apologies.

** Splash Damage
Rolling Stone article

** Blast from the Past 
Peter Szigeti – the man, the myth, the legend.

** The Finisher
The infamous foil Goyf from GP Vegas Top 8 is for sale on ebay for five figures, half of which goes to GamersHelpingGamers. My question is: What’s the next piece of magic history to find its way online for sale, and what charity will it go towards?

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