Premier Episode! Modern Masters 2 problems, Magic Origins Spoilers & Much More!

First Pick – Modern Masters packaging and concerns.

The 0-2 Drop – The worst deck to have played last weekend.

Splash Damage – An influential store burns down and a popular Hearthstone streamer makes his way into top tier competitive Magic on a whim.

Going Infinite – Magic Origins spoiler – – What would make him constructed playable P/T wise, and why?

Blast From the Past:

From Erin – ‘The Dark Art of Dredge Fu.’

A comprehensive guide to Dredge. I have read and re-read it over the last few days and feel like I learn something new every time. I think the finer points of the article are still accurate and would recommend this to anyone interested in playing Dredge.

From Evan – Best of SCGLive: Gerry Thompson vs Andrew Tompkins:

Finisher: ‘Write An Advertisement For Your Current Deck.’


Preview Episode: Pro Tour Scouting

Pro Tours often feature teams who “scout” — that is, note what other archetypes opponents are playing and powerful cards their limited decks feature — and then use this to better play against them. Join us as we discuss the goods & bads.